Decorating & Sensory Tub Play

Katelyn had a new sensory tub experience. We tried split peas in stead of rice. I was hoping it would a little less messy than her previous sensory tubs…and she did much better. I think it was because it was a color instead of white.


We practiced pouring and scooping. I had contains of different materials (glass, plastic, metal, etc.) that made different noises. She loves playing with these.


We’ve been trying to decorate our house. It will be so nice to actually own a home someday! Then I can paint and build things – actually Brad can help me paint and he can build things for me…

We have really loved this house (with the exception of the flat paint) and it is so nice to have extra space. I’ve been trying to be good and not break the bank with decorating this house. I have so many ideas (thanks to pinterest) of what I would like to do. Everything has changed since I took these pictures, but that’s alright.

I love how Katelyn mimics me (especially when taking a picture – she’s holding her camera)





I love my family pictures – Alisha did an amazing job!  I have since reorganized my pictures, but this was my initial layout.


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