Duck, Duck, Goose

We had so much fun feeding the ducks and geese. Katelyn is always happy to go out and explore new places.





Katelyn was running all over the place – I usually don’t mind so much, but we were on a dock and the river is quite deep. I was very grateful that Brad would walk right next to her and let me play photographer so I could get some cute pictures of her.



The poor ducks didn’t stand a chance against the geese. The geese were so much bigger and faster. They would swim next to Katelyn as she ran back and forth just waiting for her to feed them more goldfish crackers.  They actually flew up to try and take the crackers out of our hands.



Katelyn felt bad for the little birds that kept hopping closer, trying to get their own piece of food. So, she decided to share with them.  (Side note: I LOVE her hair! It’s so cute and curly.)







I sure love this little girl! She is so cute and is so full of life. I love her personality – when she was a little baby I used to feel sad that she wasn’t more cuddly and shy (more what I would like to be like) but instead she is outgoing, friendly, very happy and spontaneous! She’s a little ball of energy and the most lovable girl. I am grateful that she’s just the way she is!


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