Beach Trip

In September, we had a very fun beach camping trip on Assateague Island.


It. Was. A. Blast!


We have plans to go back this year again. I am thinking this will be an annual trip.


We camped two nights, built fires, cooked food, played on the beach.  The sounds of the waves was so soothing at night, and in the mornings there would be a thick fog that came in off the ocean. The first night we showed up we went for a moonlit walk on the beach and found some Ghost Crabs. The next day consisted of sand, water, and sunburns.

A big thank you to Rachel for taking a few pictures of me playing with Katelyn!

There are some wild horses that live on Assateague Island. Several of them came and wandered through our camp during the day and in the morning we were leaving.

I love these pictures of Brad and Katelyn playing in the water. Every time a new wave would come in he would bend down and dip her in the water – she loved it!

We couldn’t find our swimming suits, I know I packed them, so we improvised and just played in our clothes!


Some how the boys decided it would be cool to dig a giant hole on the beach… I don’t know if they were trying to dig to China or what was going through their minds… They got a fairly big hole. The life guard on duty came over several times to remind them to fill it in when they were done.  They did fill it in, and when we went back to the beach the next day there was no evidence of a giant crater – thanks to high tide.



We drove over to Ocean City in Maryland. The city really looks like it is floating on the ocean. We went to dinner and then walked along the boardwalk.



The day we went home, we had to go see the beach one last time.



Katelyn was quite sad to leave, but we told her we would come back next year. We have been playing “beach” at home all the time. One of her favorite things is to have a picnic at the beach – she doesn’t mind that it’s on a beach towel in the playroom next to some blue fabric sprinkled with sea shells…

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