October General Conference


We had fun – we love Conference. I had all kinds of snacks, treats, and activities to do. Katelyn was allowed to pick one brown bag to play with during a talk (there were enough activities for each speaker)

Activities Included:

  • Conference Wall (Pictures representing topics)
  • General Conference FHE Tree – each speaker had their own leaf, we would write the main topic of their talk on their leaf and put it on the tree. During the next six months, we would take a leaf off for each FHE to use as the topic for our lessons.
  • Coloring Pages/Packets/Crayons
  • Beads/String
  • Watercolor Painting with Q-tip
  • Paint with Fingerpaints
  • Stickers
  • LDS Bingo
  • Cut Paper & Glue
  • Hide/Find The pumpkin
  • Friend Magazine
  • Playdough
  • Don’t Eat Me Game
  • Build a Tent
  • Prophet & Apostle Memory Match Game
  • Prophet Coloring Pages (Friend)
  • Toilet Paper Tube Coloring Activity (Friend)

I had such great hopes for finishing our General Conference FHE Tree – maybe this time I will be better. We only did a few Family Night’s that were based off of the talks given at General Conference. It was a lot easier to use the lesson that were already created.


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  1. Katie Larsen says:

    Megan! You are such an amazing mother. Katelyn is lucky to have you.

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