Random Pictures – January

I am still so behind in updating this blog… so here’s an attempt to update for the month of January…

A great find on craigs list… I have really REALLY wanted a piano for a long time. I’ve missed being able to sit down and play. I’ve lost a lot of my training and skills over the last 6 years, so when I saw this beautiful piano for $50!


Yes that’s right $50!!!


I knew we had to get it. It took a lot of work, and I am so grateful to a wonderful home teacher who lent us his awesome van so we could pick it up. I think it took four very strong men to move it and a few more showed up to help us move it into the house.


Katelyn and I have really enjoyed playing on it, and when she is a little older I am excited to start teaching her.






Poor Cooper, he get’s dragged into playing ‘girly’ games all the time, luckily he likes Katelyn enough to just go with it. Rachel and I may or may not have encouraged all the accessories for black mail purposes later in life.  Regardless, I think these two are so much fun to watch them play together.



I like to move my dining room chairs into the kitchen when I vacuum so I can get all the food and crumbs under the table.


Side note: I HATE having carpet in the dining room.


Katelyn likes to play on the chairs in the kitchen and was having a tea party with some muffins and juice. Her hair is finally long enough now that we can do cute stuff with it, like pig tails. I need more ideas and suggestions on what to do with her hair.




I’ll blame this picture on her dad – for some reason she thinks I need to take a picture of the chewed up food in her mouth…I don’t know where she got that from… (uh – see this post for reference)



Another funny quirk about this little girl is that – if given the choice between say, fruit loops or granola, she would choose the granola. Her other favorite is Cracklin Oat Bran.



And last, but not least, here we have Miss Katelyn modeling the latest fall footwear.  I can not keep her out of my shoes, it doesn’t matter that I just put them all back on the shelf all organized and pretty – that just means it ready to play again. She loves the high heels and currently has decided that my boots are #1.


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