Birthday Girl

I can hardly believe my baby is three years old! Her birthday was great.


The night before Brad and I blew up so many balloons. In the morning before she woke up we put all those birthday balloons in her room so it would be the first thing she would see.


To say she was excited would be an understatement.





The birthday balloons will definitely be a tradition we carry on.


After breakfast she got to open presents, we simplified and only got her three gifts. One from Mommy, one from Daddy, and one from both of us.




Daddy got her a Black and Decker toy tool set. I was skeptical when he told me that was what he wanted to get her, but as you can see in the pictures she LOVED it.


Her and Daddy play ‘tools’ all the time now. They work on her Jeep or on computers…it’s pretty cute.




Mommy got her a baby Rapunzel doll. I am in the process of making her matching princess dresses, but we’ll see when that gets finished!




Our gift that we got her together was a little cash register for playing store. She loves to go grocery shopping and we knew she would love this one too.



Later we got to Skype with our families while she opened her gifts from them. She was so happy to be able to open presents all day long.



Later that night we had some friends come over for cake and ice cream to celebrate Katelyn’s birthday and mine. It was really nice, and I got to make a pretty cake.




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  1. Deanna says:

    No way she’s 3?! I don’t believe it. adorable! the birthday party looked pretty awesome as well.

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