March Photo Shoot

It’s pretty sad at how behind I am in updating our family blog. Our March photo shoot with Katelyn was a lot of fun. I saw a cool idea online with the balloon back drop and thought it would be very colorful and fun and perfect for March. (We were going with the St. Patty’s day rainbow idea here)


















The only thing that put a damper on this mini session is that I used regular tape when I attached theĀ  balloons directly to my wall (which has flat paint) so… I now have rows of sticky tape residue all over and I’m not sure how to get it off. If I scrub, the paint comes right off, and then if I use something to remove the residue, it leaves a stain on the wall… ggrrr.


Next time, I’ll use masking tape.


Katelyn’s favorite part was playing in all the balloons after we took them down. I have the cutest video of her running up and down the hall with balloons flying all over the place.



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  1. Penny says:

    I’m so excited you blogged this! I love it! It was so fun to do too.

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