Pumpkin Patch

What?! There’s a new post on our family blog? Yes, I’m dusting off the cobwebs and making attempt #2 to revive this family blog. I have so many pictures of the girls that I need to start sharing them… So, here’s our latest grand adventure, the pumpkin patch! We love this little pumpkin patch and have gone every year.


October_2014_Pumpkin Patch10

October_2014_Pumpkin Patch4

On the quest for the perfect pumpkin. Will it be big or will it be small?


October_2014_Pumpkin Patch6


October_2014_Pumpkin Patch2


Definitely a big one!


October_2014_Pumpkin Patch9


Savannah loves anything tiny… this was her big pumpkin and her baby pumpkin.


October_2014_Pumpkin Patch3

October_2014_Pumpkin Patch8



October_2014_Pumpkin Patch7


October_2014_Pumpkin Patch


October_2014_Pumpkin Patch11


October_2014_Pumpkin Patch5


And to end on a funny one… There’s always a fun blooper. Savannah did not want to sit down next to Katelyn for a picture, poor Kate took a pumpkin to the face.


October_2014_Pumpkin Patch12

Stay tuned for more updates! I have two years to catch up on!

2 Responses to Pumpkin Patch

  1. Ashley says:

    I love pumpkin patches, and that one looks incredible! Your girls are so big and absolutely beautiful!

  2. Kyle W says:

    Got to love this time of year! I think you need to make a few new posts though 😉

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