I love Photoshop!

So, I know I am a little repetitive, but I have to say I love Adobe Photoshop! I love creating all kinds of Digital Scrapbooking stuff (pages, kits, etc)…However, Photoshop has some amazing photo editing tools too. Check out what a difference there is between these two pictures:


This is the original picture. It’s a cute picture and everything, but check out how amazing it looks after it’s been ‘fixed’ in Photoshop!


Isn’t that incredible! I have to admit, that I was inspired by a fellow Hurricane-ite photographer. She takes amazing pictures and has them posted on her blog lifeisbeautifulphotography.blogspot.com she has inspired me to take a ton of pictures and then not stop there. I’ve also been inspired by one of Brad’s old friends Jessica – who also takes amazing pictures – check out her website Frosted Mango Hair & Photography.

Plus, I’ve also finished my very first Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit! It was so much fun to create and all the images are high resolution! Check out my first kit on my scrapbooking blog MP Designs.


4 Responses to I love Photoshop!

  1. Deanna says:

    oo! I feel inspired! Great job!

  2. stef stratton says:

    hey! i am so glad you found our blog!! you baby is adorable!! next time you are down let us know so we can come see her!

  3. Megan! I am so happy I found your blog! Your baby is adorable and I love looking at your pics! Photoshop is fun, huh? 🙂 Email me at luv2smile623@gmail.com and I’ll invite you to my blog! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the reference to my photography website! Also thanks so much for helping us with baby connors headstone! We appreciated it so much. Thanks for all your prayers and love and support through this time! Katelyn is adorable. im so glad you have her and shes lucky to have parents like you guys!!

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