Random Pictures – January

May 17, 2012 by megan

I am still so behind in updating this blog… so here’s an attempt to update for the month of January…

A great find on craigs list… I have really REALLY wanted a piano for a long time. I’ve missed being able to sit down and play. I’ve lost a lot of my training and skills over the last 6 years, so when I saw this beautiful piano for $50!


Yes that’s right $50!!!


I knew we had to get it. It took a lot of work, and I am so grateful to a wonderful home teacher who lent us his awesome van so we could pick it up. I think it took four very strong men to move it and a few more showed up to help us move it into the house.


Katelyn and I have really enjoyed playing on it, and when she is a little older I am excited to start teaching her.






Poor Cooper, he get’s dragged into playing ‘girly’ games all the time, luckily he likes Katelyn enough to just go with it. Rachel and I may or may not have encouraged all the accessories for black mail purposes later in life.  Regardless, I think these two are so much fun to watch them play together.



I like to move my dining room chairs into the kitchen when I vacuum so I can get all the food and crumbs under the table.


Side note: I HATE having carpet in the dining room.


Katelyn likes to play on the chairs in the kitchen and was having a tea party with some muffins and juice. Her hair is finally long enough now that we can do cute stuff with it, like pig tails. I need more ideas and suggestions on what to do with her hair.




I’ll blame this picture on her dad – for some reason she thinks I need to take a picture of the chewed up food in her mouth…I don’t know where she got that from… (uh – see this post for reference)



Another funny quirk about this little girl is that – if given the choice between say, fruit loops or granola, she would choose the granola. Her other favorite is Cracklin Oat Bran.



And last, but not least, here we have Miss Katelyn modeling the latest fall footwear.  I can not keep her out of my shoes, it doesn’t matter that I just put them all back on the shelf all organized and pretty – that just means it ready to play again. She loves the high heels and currently has decided that my boots are #1.


Snow Day

May 5, 2012 by megan

I feel like all I do is play catch up on this blog! Oh well, the pictures are still cute enough to share ( despite the fact that they are from January! ) It had snowed the night before – and yes my grass is was still green.


We woke up to a little snow left on the ground and decided to take advantage of it in the morning sunlight.



Katelyn was really excited and happy about the snow – I was just grateful her snow suit and boots still fit.



It took all the snow in our back yard to make our little snow man. We had a lot of fun, and boy did my muscles ache when we were done.





The smaller pictures are kind of difficult to tell – Katelyn felt bad that her snowman had a scarf but no gloves!

“But Mommy, she will get cold!”

She then took her gloves off and put them on the sticks and gave her a hug.


Katelyn’s Photo Shoot {January}

May 3, 2012 by megan

So, I made a new years resolution to do a ‘photo shoot’ of Katelyn once a month this year. I needed some updated pictures, and so did her Grandma and Nana! Sad – I know!  It has been so rewarding and so much fun.


Here are the pictures we did in January. It was a warmer day, but still we were only out for 30 minutes before we were all freezing and I had successfully gotten tangled in some climbing roses bushes ( I have a scar on my foot where the thorns got me.)




Katelyn’s Artwork

March 20, 2012 by megan

You know those moments when you are REALLY upset and you know that if you take a picture you will be grateful because you can look back on it and laugh?




The other day this happened…


I was not a happy mommy – and Katelyn was not happy to be sitting in time out. I was so grateful that they were washable crayons – but… we have flat paint in our house. Flat paint has it’s purpose I am sure, but NOT in a house with toddlers!


She got to help clean it off the walls, and boy was I grateful for ‘magic erasers’ to take it off. She knew she was in trouble, and yes looking back now, I am grateful I took a picture because it doesn’t seem that bad.

October General Conference

March 19, 2012 by megan


We had fun – we love Conference. I had all kinds of snacks, treats, and activities to do. Katelyn was allowed to pick one brown bag to play with during a talk (there were enough activities for each speaker)

Activities Included:

  • Conference Wall (Pictures representing topics)
  • General Conference FHE Tree – each speaker had their own leaf, we would write the main topic of their talk on their leaf and put it on the tree. During the next six months, we would take a leaf off for each FHE to use as the topic for our lessons.
  • Coloring Pages/Packets/Crayons
  • Beads/String
  • Watercolor Painting with Q-tip
  • Paint with Fingerpaints
  • Stickers
  • LDS Bingo
  • Cut Paper & Glue
  • Hide/Find The pumpkin
  • Friend Magazine
  • Playdough
  • Don’t Eat Me Game
  • Build a Tent
  • Prophet & Apostle Memory Match Game
  • Prophet Coloring Pages (Friend)
  • Toilet Paper Tube Coloring Activity (Friend)

I had such great hopes for finishing our General Conference FHE Tree – maybe this time I will be better. We only did a few Family Night’s that were based off of the talks given at General Conference. It was a lot easier to use the lesson that were already created.


Self Timer

March 18, 2012 by megan

Beach Trip

March 17, 2012 by megan

In September, we had a very fun beach camping trip on Assateague Island.


It. Was. A. Blast!


We have plans to go back this year again. I am thinking this will be an annual trip.


We camped two nights, built fires, cooked food, played on the beach.  The sounds of the waves was so soothing at night, and in the mornings there would be a thick fog that came in off the ocean. The first night we showed up we went for a moonlit walk on the beach and found some Ghost Crabs. The next day consisted of sand, water, and sunburns.

A big thank you to Rachel for taking a few pictures of me playing with Katelyn!

There are some wild horses that live on Assateague Island. Several of them came and wandered through our camp during the day and in the morning we were leaving.

I love these pictures of Brad and Katelyn playing in the water. Every time a new wave would come in he would bend down and dip her in the water – she loved it!

We couldn’t find our swimming suits, I know I packed them, so we improvised and just played in our clothes!


Some how the boys decided it would be cool to dig a giant hole on the beach… I don’t know if they were trying to dig to China or what was going through their minds… They got a fairly big hole. The life guard on duty came over several times to remind them to fill it in when they were done.  They did fill it in, and when we went back to the beach the next day there was no evidence of a giant crater – thanks to high tide.



We drove over to Ocean City in Maryland. The city really looks like it is floating on the ocean. We went to dinner and then walked along the boardwalk.



The day we went home, we had to go see the beach one last time.



Katelyn was quite sad to leave, but we told her we would come back next year. We have been playing “beach” at home all the time. One of her favorite things is to have a picnic at the beach – she doesn’t mind that it’s on a beach towel in the playroom next to some blue fabric sprinkled with sea shells…

Good Morning Sunshine

March 16, 2012 by megan

National Zoo

March 16, 2012 by megan

Ok – these next few posts are going to be part of my ‘catching up’ that I always seem to be doing on our blog! We were able to go the National Zoo one weekend with some friends.

It was a pretty nice zoo, and Katelyn and Cooper had a blast looking at all the animals.

I wish I would have worn tennis shoes, but it was so hot I wore my sandals instead – bad choice! It rained poured on us for a little bit. Katelyn and Cooper were so cute – they got tired of sitting the strollers and we let them walk for awhile.

When we first moved here – I expected the East Coast to be flat – since it was so close to the ocean… it’s not – at all! There are so many hills. The zoo was built on a hill, many hills. We got a great workout.

Home-made Slide

December 30, 2011 by megan

If you are clever – you can use existing furniture to make a home-made slide!


It’s quite simple really – just find an opening that you think might be big enough to squeeze through. Carefully slide in and hope you don’t get stuck. Then wiggle your way to the other side. Ta Da! A home-made slide!


Now go do it again!